Product Reviews

Reviews of products I have tried out and possibly recommend.

Why I upgraded to Nest Protect

I recently purchased three Nest Protect smoke/carbon monoxide detectors for our home. There are quite a few contenders out there in terms of smart detectors but I had already enjoyed a positive experience with Nest products so I leaned that way again. Shortly after we bought our home, I »

Euro Greek Yogurt Maker

Right now I'm really into making yogurt using my Instant Pot. I've had a few disappointing batches but am getting closer to perfecting the process. This week I managed to make a gallon batch. Most recipes I've seen make 2 quarts and it's a bit different making a gallon. For »

I've Gone Kindle

Anyone who hangs out with me for more than 10 minutes knows I'm a hardcore Googlian. I own the Google Pixel, the Google Home, Google Wifi, and Daydream View. I cast my videos, photos, and sometimes my desktop using Google Chromecast Ultra. I jam out to my Google Music playlists »

Asus Chromebit CS10 Review

Gadget: Chromebit CS10 Manufacturer: Asus & Google Price: $85 Description: A computer in a stick. Just plug it into a TV or monitor - add a wireless or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse - and you are set to do 90% of everything you usually do on a computer. Usage: This is »

Glow in the Dark Bocce Balls

Playing this game reminded me of my long brewing intention to create a playlist of fun family games appropriate for all ages and abilities. The litmus test is whether someone aged 16 would find it enjoyable even when playing with a 3-year-old and 65-year-old. For example, Monopoly would not be »