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My 3DP Adventure Begins

This post marks the start of my 3D printing adventure. I honestly can't remember being this obsessed with a toy since my first Lego set. »

Looking Down - It's Okay

There is a lot of talk these days about how people spend too much time on their phones looking down. What people are actually upset about is that they do not know what you are doing when they look at you. »

My First MakerSpace Project!

My first project on the laser cutter at Claremont MakerSpace was a success! It's a simple game of memory with my grandsons' favorite characters engraved on wooden tiles. »

Why I upgraded to Nest Protect

I recently purchased three Nest Protect smoke/carbon monoxide detectors for our home. There are quite a few contenders out there in terms of smart detectors but I had already enjoyed a positive experience with Nest products so I leaned that way again. Shortly after we bought our home, I »

I've Gone Kindle

Anyone who hangs out with me for more than 10 minutes knows I'm a hardcore Googlian. I own the Google Pixel, the Google Home, Google Wifi, and Daydream View. I cast my videos, photos, and sometimes my desktop using Google Chromecast Ultra. I jam out to my Google Music playlists »

If You Give a Girl a Robot...

One of my favorite children's books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, is a great adventure about the perils of giving a mouse a cookie. I couldn't help thinking about this story as I read the following excerpt from a recent article published on GeekWire. ... research from the University »

Asus Chromebit CS10 Review

Gadget: Chromebit CS10 Manufacturer: Asus & Google Price: $85 Description: A computer in a stick. Just plug it into a TV or monitor - add a wireless or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse - and you are set to do 90% of everything you usually do on a computer. Usage: This is »