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From Small & Simple Seeds

It's that time of year again and I've been behind the scenes getting ready for it by planting about 10,000 vegetable seeds. Not really but it sure felt like it each day as I walked into my bedroom where the little creatures were beginning to grow rapidly, restlessly in »

What's that smell?

I'm sitting on my back deck, taking a break. I apparently need one. I just returned from a week long vacation and have been using the day to put my world back together again. While making my cleaning rounds throughout the house, I noticed that one of the kitties had »

Make It Do or Do Without

Use it up Wear it out Make it do Or do without. Old New England Proverb I have a bushel basket in my living area that holds my chopped kindling. I like it but recently the bottom began to give way. There was a debate about retiring the basket and »

Glow in the Dark Bocce Balls

Playing this game reminded me of my long brewing intention to create a playlist of fun family games appropriate for all ages and abilities. The litmus test is whether someone aged 16 would find it enjoyable even when playing with a 3-year-old and 65-year-old. For example, Monopoly would not be »

My First Holz Hausen

It's the first autumn since moving back to New Hampshire that I actually have a yard. I love it. I loved it in the spring. I loved it all summer long. And now I am loving it to the fullest degree this autumn. Over the long Columbus Day weekend I »

Winter Warmth

I am officially done with winter. I have tried to keep a positive mindset but today I am simply sick of the cold. I feel like all I do is search endlessly for a heat source. I notice I am beginning to feel a particular animosity towards my daughter's bearded »

Moving Forward

I am moving. After nearly five years living in this Main Street apartment, I am actually moving. It seems strange but I believe I've lived here longer than any other place my entire life. I suppose that reality speaks volumes about my turbulent sojourn here upon earth. I have actually »