Euro Greek Yogurt Maker

Euro Greek Yogurt Maker

Right now I'm really into making yogurt using my Instant Pot. I've had a few disappointing batches but am getting closer to perfecting the process. This week I managed to make a gallon batch. Most recipes I've seen make 2 quarts and it's a bit different making a gallon. For instance, the larger batch turned out runnier than most of my previous batches. I wasn't worried about it though because I recently purchased this [Euro Greek Yogurt Maker]( target=_blank).

The Euro Greek Yogurt Maker is a simple unit for straining yogurt, eliminating the messiness and hassle of using cheesecloth, strainers, and bowls. So far, I am happy with the quality. Here's what it looks like up close:

Once I got the yogurt maker ready for use, I brought out the container of yogurt I'd made the day before. For Christmas, I received an extra pot for my Instant Pot with a silicone sealing lid which is super handy for storing a batch of yogurt in the fridge until I'm ready to deal with it. I highly recommend this combo.

I poured half of my batch into the yogurt maker, placed the lid, then popped it into the refrigerator to do its thing. No fuss, no muss, easy peasy all the way. That's what's wonderful about kitchen gadgets.

After about 24 hours, this is how the yogurt in the strainer looked. The liquid had completely drained out, creating that thicker creamier texture we pay more for at the grocery store.

The easiest way to remove the yogurt at this point is to flip the container over a large glass bowl like so:

Here's the final result:

Notice you end up with a lot less yogurt than when you started. The strainer is very easy to clean. I am taking care with it because a common complaint I've seen about these is that the strainer mesh is easily ripped. I think you could rip it if you jabbed at it with a utensil but if you are gentle, I don't really see that happening. Only time will tell for sure.

For now, I have been storing all my yogurt in empty gelato containers. Basically, you can expect to end up with half the amount of Greek yogurt than regular yogurt using this yogurt maker but it's super yummy!

I like to flavor my yogurt with all sorts of yummy things like fruits, berries, oatmeal, flax seed, chia seeds, oatmeal, chocolate chips, and essential oils (lime is my current favorite).

Making yogurt is super easy but it's not for everyone. If you are thinking that this looks like an awful lot of effort compared to buying it at the store, you're probably right but it's definitely not as fun and it's definitely less expensive if you eat as much yogurt as I do.

My next adventure is to figure out what to do with all the leftover whey. I'm calling it my Little Miss Muffet quest.