My "About" page needs some updating which requires a bit more explanation than I have time for at the present moment. When I wrote: last name has a turbulent, tiring past with an ambiguous, ambivalent future...

I was completely unaware of what the future had in store for me. For now, you should know that my birth father recently re-entered my life, adopted me, making me once again, Melanie Constance Benzel. (August 2016)


And when I wrote the previous update, I had no idea I would shortly remarry, making me Melanie Constance McDonough. At last, my name has finally, and happily, found its ultimate resting place. (July 2018)


My name is Melanie Constance Cooper. I entered this world one week before I was due as Melonie Constance Benzel. That name, however, won't be found in the history books. It was wiped from the planet through the legal forces of adoption when I was four-years-old, replaced by Melanie Constance Paquette.

My mother originally named me after the 1960s singer, "Melanie" though she preferred the unique rendering Melonie over its more traditional spelling. Later, during the adoption process, she changed her mind and I became, more acceptably, Melanie.

My middle name, Constance, was inspired by my uncle's ex-fiance. I possess but a single pleasant memory of her so, even though the marriage never materialized, I still feel an affinity towards her and to her name.

My last name has a turbulent, tiring past with an ambiguous, ambivalent future that requires more explanation than I dare attempt at the present moment but I hope to one day find it a peaceful resting place.

A name, of course, does not define me. It is to be defined by me. This is the origin of melbamorph - a mashup of my high school nickname (Melba) and the metamorphic process. It represents the melding together, into one whole, all the parts of me that have been segregated for nearly a lifetime - the morphing of me. I hope whatever emerges from this cocoon will be as stunning as the Appolo butterfly.

In this space I intend to write about some of the significant events, experiences, accomplishments, and defeats that have shaped my life. Each has left an indelible mark upon my soul bringing me to this point in my life and has shaped my perspective of the world. I will probably write about other stuff too.

This blog is an exploration of my life - a metamorphosis of mind, matter, me.