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Hope Springing

It's never the cold cruelty of winter that moves us to stand tall but the gentle breath of spring rising, valiant despite it all. »

Fighting The Hate Machine

We watched BlacKkKlansman last night. It is mind-boggling to me that we are still, as human beings, fighting over skin color, religion, gender. It baffles me how people like David Duke and Trump exist in this world - that they have followers who actively and enthusiastically answer their call for »


I wrote this poem to help me battle depression. Sometimes in the process of writing, I am able to garner strength to battle the demons in my mind. »

Looking Down - It's Okay

There is a lot of talk these days about how people spend too much time on their phones looking down. What people are actually upset about is that they do not know what you are doing when they look at you. »


This is something I wrote during a bout of insomnia. I was lying in bed thinking about the reasons I often don't write what I feel like writing. These thoughts emerged. »

The Quest for Feminism

In her quest to overthrow oppression, break glass ceilings, and gain equality in a male-dominated world, woman should take care not to emulate the most depraved characteristics that allowed her captor to reign in the first place. »

Otherwise, I Am

Otherwise, I Am God is who reveals us unto ourselves - not otherwise. Fools, we venture: Here am I! Til the heavens insist otherwise. Rebels, we writhe indignantly This be I! No otherwise! Gnarling, we flail impertinently, gnashing 'gainst the otherwise. Until we, defeated, drop kneeling to God's otherwise. Hail! »

Audacity to Tell My Story

There's a larger story - the one still locked behind prison bars, both figuratively and literally. I want to find that kind of audacity - the audacity to tell my story. »


Gratitude I have my own woods in which to play to peacefully ponder explore and pray O never did my heart so venture to dream a life so grand Yet stand I here feet planted my trembling soul amazed for naught did I dare ask thee yet was granted. --wrote »

Prison: Nine Years Later

It's December 1st. Almost every person I spoke with today mentioned this phenomenon with some sense of foreboding awe - the first day of the last month of the year. There were a few birthdays, the work anniversary of a co-worker, and of course, "Rabbit Rabbit". For me, »


This is a writing assignment addressing the struggle I face to freely express myself as a writer. It's a visualization of the personal handicap I endure in feeling I am forbidden to write my own truth. ___ It bothers me. It eats away at me - my belief - that I »