In her quest to overthrow oppression, break glass ceilings, and gain equality in a male-dominated world, woman should take care not to emulate the most depraved characteristics that allowed her captor to reign in the first place.

If equality is to be achieved, woman must rise with the standard of divinity clasped firmly in her fists. Let charity, love, fortitude, and intellect be her battle cry. The fight is not against man but against the embodiment of depravity in all its forms.

In her quest to conquer, let woman not become the oppressor but a benevolent benefactress and queen. In the rising of woman, let her good sons and daughters rise alike.

I wrote this after watching recent movie previews (Peppermint and The Girl in the Spider's Web) where the theme was women as vigilantes coming back to torture and kill their male oppressors, Rambo style. I get that we want to have strong female role models but these types of "strong women" role models are the antithesis of what I feel we should be seeking after.