Adventures in my garden.

From Small & Simple Seeds

It's that time of year again and I've been behind the scenes getting ready for it by planting about 10,000 vegetable seeds. Not really but it sure felt like it each day as I walked into my bedroom where the little creatures were beginning to grow rapidly, restlessly in »

Garden 2016

I have found it is very useful to document my garden process so I can use it as a reference each year. This year, I feel like I have been behind schedule the entire season. I planted my seeds late so all my plants seem tiny compared to the ones »

Slow But Steady Growth

There is slow but steady progress happening in my garden. Thus far, there hasn't been enough sunshine for any of my plants to actually thrive. It's been a colder, wet, gloomy June. Things might change if the sun decides to grace us with her presence for a few solid days. »

Garden Launch 2015

Houston, we have lift-off! It's Memorial Day and I am marking it as the official planting day for my 2015 garden. I had actually planted most of my tomatoes on Mother's Day before getting rained out so the remaining seedlings had to wait for the second go-around. I was worried »

How My Garden Grows

I have decided it would be useful to keep a running log of how my garden grows this year. Last year I planted my first garden in our new place without much forethought. I didn't have time to think through things. I just needed to get it done. Judging by »