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The Quest for Feminism

In her quest to overthrow oppression, break glass ceilings, and gain equality in a male-dominated world, woman should take care not to emulate the most depraved characteristics that allowed her captor to reign in the first place. »

If You Give a Girl a Robot...

One of my favorite children's books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, is a great adventure about the perils of giving a mouse a cookie. I couldn't help thinking about this story as I read the following excerpt from a recent article published on GeekWire. ... research from the University »

On Becoming a Good Feminist

As far back as my memory stretches, I have struggled with respecting my femaleness. It has taken me these forty plus years to change my perspective. A few months ago I made the comment to my psychologist, "It's not like I am a feminist or anything..." She let »

Good Guys ≠ Gun Control

Gun Control Legislation. There exists a force of people who stand firmly against any such semblance. Then there is the emerging voice of those who support it. At this point in my life, I am not particularly interested in debating the issue with anyone. Debate rarely results in changed views. »

Women in Combat

I have found the recent media hysteria over the Pentagon's decision to allow women into combat, fascinating. There are those who wonder whether women have what it takes physically and emotionally to be successful on the battlefield while others are merely interested in gender equality no matter the cost. It »