Social Justice

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Fighting The Hate Machine

We watched BlacKkKlansman last night. It is mind-boggling to me that we are still, as human beings, fighting over skin color, religion, gender. It baffles me how people like David Duke and Trump exist in this world - that they have followers who actively and enthusiastically answer their call for »

Felons Among Us

There are felons among us. Some people find it disconcerting the way I speak openly, frankly, about my felon status or my experiences in prison, but this is deliberate on my part. I am trying to make a point - trying to assure you that even though you’ve read »

Good Guys ≠ Gun Control

Gun Control Legislation. There exists a force of people who stand firmly against any such semblance. Then there is the emerging voice of those who support it. At this point in my life, I am not particularly interested in debating the issue with anyone. Debate rarely results in changed views. »

Coral Reefs & Prison

On President's Day, we went to the Museum of Science. I haven't been since a young girl and was more excited about it this time around than I was 30+ years ago. The changes that have occurred in the world in my short lifetime truly amaze me. We purchased tickets »

Too Hard to Solve

This morning I learned that computer scientists believe some problems are simply too hard to solve. It is called Turing's Halting Problem. It excites me to know that people of sound mind are able to accept this theory yet, at the same time, ignore it. I find it interesting that »

Women in Combat

I have found the recent media hysteria over the Pentagon's decision to allow women into combat, fascinating. There are those who wonder whether women have what it takes physically and emotionally to be successful on the battlefield while others are merely interested in gender equality no matter the cost. It »