Felon Life

Thoughts on incarceration, prison reformation, and life as a felon.

Felons Among Us

There are felons among us. Some people find it disconcerting the way I speak openly, frankly, about my felon status or my experiences in prison, but this is deliberate on my part. I am trying to make a point - trying to assure you that even though you’ve read »

Prison: Nine Years Later

It's December 1st. Almost every person I spoke with today mentioned this phenomenon with some sense of foreboding awe - the first day of the last month of the year. There were a few birthdays, the work anniversary of a co-worker, and of course, "Rabbit Rabbit". For me, »

Disenfranchisement & Beyond

There are few achievements I am proud of in my life but today, on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, I'm not only proud to be a registered voter but an election official as well. On the surface, this might not seem like something to be overly jazzed »

Huckabee and Me

I like to listen to NPR ONE while I am working. The app delivers public news, Pandora style. The first story in today’s feed was Mike Huckabee announcing his run for the White House. The last time he ran for president I was incarcerated in the NH State Prison »

I Met M

I left work a bit early today. I had been there more than nine hours without much of a break. Spring arrived and I wanted to play in a moment of its warmth before the moment passed away. I ride the bus to work so Emma can use the car. »

A Life for an Eye

Did you read the 1/22/14 Valley News headline? Woman Sentenced for Theft It riled my nerves. I understand the necessity for laws. It's not as if I think Bonnie Johnson should escape punishment for embezzling $600K. It's that the 33-month prison sentence meted out by Judge LaPlante extracts »

Justice and Mercy

Of Judges, Beggars, and the Law We demand Justice until Justice demands us, then sue we for Mercy’s saving grace. We are creatures of justice. Simply defined, justice is an enforced standard of law affixed to a predetermined punishment. We call upon justice to protect us, secure tranquility, and »

Coral Reefs & Prison

On President's Day, we went to the Museum of Science. I haven't been since a young girl and was more excited about it this time around than I was 30+ years ago. The changes that have occurred in the world in my short lifetime truly amaze me. We purchased tickets »