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Otherwise, I Am

Otherwise, I Am God is who reveals us unto ourselves - not otherwise. Fools, we venture: Here am I! Til the heavens insist otherwise. Rebels, we writhe indignantly This be I! No otherwise! Gnarling, we flail impertinently, gnashing 'gainst the otherwise. Until we, defeated, drop kneeling to God's otherwise. Hail! »

More Than Conquerors

It's an absolutely gorgeous Sunday morning in August. I am waiting for Orange Muffins to get out of the oven. They smell good. We are out of all the quick and easy items at home so I am trying to do some cooking to fill the fridge and pantry until »

Reading Problems

I am at the Kilton library. It's a dangerous thing to allow me into this realm. Libraries are my Kryptonite - they paralyze me. I want to bring home every book I see. So far in my stack I have: Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr (currently reading) Algorithms Unlocked »

Moving Forward

I am moving. After nearly five years living in this Main Street apartment, I am actually moving. It seems strange but I believe I've lived here longer than any other place my entire life. I suppose that reality speaks volumes about my turbulent sojourn here upon earth. I have actually »

Too Hard to Solve

This morning I learned that computer scientists believe some problems are simply too hard to solve. It is called Turing's Halting Problem. It excites me to know that people of sound mind are able to accept this theory yet, at the same time, ignore it. I find it interesting that »