These days, I always seem to be listening to something. My work days, long car rides, and housekeeping extravaganzas are usually accompanied by music, audio books, news, or podcast binges. Here's a peek at my current listening menu.


I listen to a lot of news. Not as much as I did when Obama was at the helm but I can only take so much these days. I still try to stay engaged with the issues and when it comes to listening to the news, my favorite - can't live without it - app is NPROne. With a minimalist design, it's easy to use and lets me subscribe to shows I want to hear while learning what I prefer then suggesting new stories I might find interesting. It's basically the Pandora app for news. If you haven't tried it, you should.

Current fav @NPROne subscriptions

Audio Books###

Recently, I discovered Amazon's Kindle Whispersync feature which allows me to switch seamlessly between reading or listening to my Kindle book without losing my place. It's amaaaazing.

In progress...

  • Mind Hacking - how to change your mind for good in 21 days by Sir John Hargrave.

Previously digested...


I'm also a longtime Google Music subscriber. If I'm not listening to the news or a book there's a good chance I've got music pumping through a nearby speaker.

Some of my playlists...